Run at Frontend

The settings of this tab can only be applied to users who have administrator rights or the “edit_shop_orders” ability.

  • Accept orders at frontend page. This parameter allows you to place orders on the frontend. Change the order acceptance address on the frontend in the “Frontend page url” field.
  • Hide theme header and footer. Tick these checkboxes to hide your theme’s header and footer.
  • Allow to configure product. Some plugins add their own settings to the product. When this option is enabled, the product page opens in a separate popup window with the metadata of other plugins
  • Button “Configure Product” uses minified page. This parameter is used in conjunction with the “Accept orders at frontend page” parameter. Go to the add order page on the frontend, select the order and click “Configure product”

If this option is enabled, the product change page will look like this.

  • Allow to add products from shop page. Tick this checkbox to activate the link “Browse shop and add products to cart” above the product’s search bar.