Common issues

Can many operators use same account to add orders?

It’s not recommended, as WooCommerce remembers customer details and cart contents in active session.

I can’t add new customer, I see the message “Please enter a valid account username

Please, visit  “WooCommerce” – “Settings”, select tab “Accounts & Privacy” and mark checkbox “When creating an account, automatically generate a username from the customer’s email address”.

I can’t add customer, error message “Could not verify request”

Plugin reCaptcha for WooCommerce adds extra verification. Please, use the following code to disable in Phone Orders:


I don’t see Free Shipping [Phone Orders] in popup

Please, visit “WooCommerce” – “Settings” – “Shipping” and add shipping method for necessary zones.

How to apply bulk/roles/others discounts?

Use our free discount plugin to configure necessary pricing rules.

My pricing plugin doesn’t apply role-based discount

Please, mark checkbox “Switch customer during cart calculations” at tab Settings.

How to get API key for address autocomplete

Follow this article.

Button “Create Order” does nothing

Probably, there is a conflict with another plugin. Please, check javascript errors at first.

New phone order does not change the stock

WooCommerce reduces stock only for orders having following statuses – “Completed”, ‘Processing”, “On hold”.

Pricing rules are not applied to products/order

We suggest to use Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce. It’s our free plugin which seamlessly integrated with Phone Order plugin.

You should:
1. Visit “WooCommerce” – “Phone Order” – “Settings” – “Common” and mark checkbox “Switch customer”.

2. Visit “WooCommerce” – “Pricing Rules” – “Settings” – “System” and mark checkbox “Apply pricing rules to backend orders”.

My user can’t search customers

You must add capability edit_shop_orders to his role.

Shipping methods (added by plugin) are visible for customers

This problem occurs for some plugins only.
We confirmed this problem for plugin WooCommerce Ajax Mini Cart.
Please, add following PHP code to functions.php (or as snippet via