Existing Orders

  • Hide “Find orders”. Tick this checkbox to hide the “Find orders” section.
  • Caching search result. Cache search result for some hours for faster searching works.
  • Seek only in orders having status. Select some order statuses and search only within the orders of these statuses.
  • Show buttons. This parameter adds the “Edit order” and “Copy order” buttons.

  • Set current price for items in copied order. Turn off this option to sell the products from the old order by the old prices.
  • Set current price for shipping in copied order. Turn on this option to set the current shipping prices instead of the old one.
  • Don’t allow to edit orders having status. Choose the statuses of the orders to restrict of these editions.
  • Seek only in orders created by current user. Turn on this option to narrow the search results to only of the current user’s orders.