Adding a Product to an Order

Finding products

To add an existing product to an order, enter the product name in the search field.

Just enter the first letters of the ordered product name to search for results.

The results of the search have next information:

  1. Product image;
  2. Stock status;
  3. Product price with the sale price;
  4. SKU;
  5. Product name.

Choose the product from the search results and it adds to the order.


Add the subscriptions in your phone order. We are using WooCommerce Subscription plugin for the example on the screenshot.

There is possibility of editing the main subscription fields:

  • Update sign-up fee;
  • Change the billing schedule;
  • Change the date and time of the next payment


Advanced search

If you want to add several products with a similar name to your order, click the “Advanced search” button. In the window that opens, start entering the product name, select all the necessary products, and click “Add to cart”.

Create custom product

Create a new product without leaving the Phone Order.

Just click “Create custom product” and enter the main product’s characteristics:

  • Line item name;
  • Price per item;
  • Quantity.

After inputting all the information, press “Save” button.