Custom fields

On the “Custom fields” tab, you can configure the output of custom fields in several blocks: “Find or create a customer”, “Billing details”.

Replace fields with customer order fields. This parameter allows you to save the values of custom fields in the user profile. When creating a new order, the values of custom fields will be loaded from the user ‘s profile.
For example, I specified the custom field “Gender”.

When creating an order, I selected the client and specified the value of the “Gender” – Female field and clicked the “Create order” button.

Now, go to the user profile. The value of custom field was saved.

Now I will create a new order and specify the user “Mary Bint”. The value of the custom field was loaded from the user profile to the new order.

  • Define custom order/customer fields at tab “Settings”
  • Format is Label|field_name|type|value1|value2|value3 
  • Supported types : text, select, checkbox, radio, hidden, date, time
  • Fill them while you adding order
  • Entered information will be saved as custom fields


These lines will generate following form (Gender is required, Extra raincoat has default value “Unknown“)