Common issues

Button “Go to Checkout” (“Go to Cart”) uses wrong address details

Some plugins (or custom javascript) overrides values in checkout form. Known conflicts with following plugins. Save Abandoned Carts – WooCommerce Live Checkout Field Capture (

Separate web page for adding orders (without access to /wp-admin)

1.  Visit  “Woocommerce” – “Phone Orders” – “Settings” – “Run at frontend” and mark first checkbox, probably you have to mark both “hide xx” options too.

2. Use plugin to create new role.

3. Add capabilities “manage_woocommerce_phone_orders”, “edit_shop_orders” for this role.

Your users should visit (this url is editable).

If you will sale complex products:

1. Use code from this section.

2. Visit “Woocommerce” – “Phone Orders” – “Settings” – “Run at frontend” and mark checkbox “Allow to configure product”.

3. Visit, select product and use button “Configure Product”.

I can’t add new customer, I see the message “Please enter an account password

Please, visit “WooCommerce” – “Settings”, select tab “Accounts & Privacy” and mark checkbox “When creating an account, automatically generate an account password”.

Product/customer search doesn’t work in “Run at frontend” mode

This problem occurs for WPEngine. This hosting forces SSL on the backend. So you must switch frontend to https too. You can update wp-config.php, add/edited these lines – use “https”!


Compatible currency plugin

Phone Orders has a compatibility with the WOOCS – Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Professional by realmag777 plugin. We recommend using this currency plugin for converting the currency inside the phone orders.