Tags supported at tab “Product Price”

Tags for BULK rules
{{price}} – minimal price for product, based on bulk table.
{{price_suffix}} is just text. You can set it at “WooCommerce” -“Settings” – “Tax”, field “Price display suffix”.
{{initial_price}} – product price before applying our rules.
{{price_striked}} – tag shows same value as {{initial_price}}, but it will be striked.

Tags for VARIABLE products
{{min_variation_price}} – minimal price for variable product, we have to process all variations to get this price.
{{price_suffix}} is just text. You can set it at “WooCommerce” – “Settings” – “Tax”, field “Price display suffix”.
{{min_variation_price_initial}} – price of cheapest variation, before applying our rules. It will be striked.

Tags for NEXT product. They are active ONLY when this product is already in the cart.
{{qty_already_in_cart}} shows how many items are in cart already.
{{price_html}} – calculated price for the product, it’s price for {{qty_already_in_cart}} + 1 item.
{{Nth_item}} is ordinal number of shown product in the cart, it’s {{qty_already_in_cart}} + 1 .
So if have 2 books in the cart,
template “Buy {{Nth_item}} book for {{price_html}}” will output “Buy 3rd book for $9.99”.

Compatibility with my theme/plugin

Free and pro versions use same core, so you can test it using free version. Some themes doesn’t support Woocommerce hooks, so you should add shortcodes [adp_category_bulk_rules_table] and [adp_product_bulk_rules_table] to necessary page templates (or directly to product description). OR you can submit new ticket.
If you use paid plugin/theme — please, upload it ( file) to the ticket!

Debug bar

You can find a description of the features of debug bar here.