Compatibility [pro]

Compatibility tab has the settings adjusting compatibility with some WordPress plugins.


Addons tab has options for adjusting compatibility with some WooCoomerce addons plugins. \

Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce spreads the discount to the product’s addons too. But there are some cases when users don’t want to spread the discount to the addons. For these cases, there’s next compatibility option:

  • Don’t apply a discount to addons. If this setting is turned on, the price of the addons wouldn’t be discounted.

List of the supported plugins with addons:

    • WooCommerce Extra Product Options, by ThemeComplete
    • Extra Product Options (Product Addons) for WooCommerce, by ThemeHigh
    • Woocommerce Custom Product Addons, by AcoWebs
    • Product Add-Ons, by WooCommerce


Another one compatibility adjustment is a compatibility with product bundles. Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce doesn’t spread a discount on product bundles, except the WooCommerce Product Bundles plugins. The reason of it is an availability of the discount option of the product bundles’ plugins. Our plugin also doesn’t support discounts inside the WooCommerce Product Bundles too.

There’s a one option in the tab:

    • Enable WooCommerce Product Bundles compatibility. This option is enabled as a default, and you can make discounts to the WooCommerce Product Bundles products. But if you don’t need it, disable this option, and these bundles would be excluded from the pricing rules too.