Let’s look at some settings in more detail:

  • Automatically update Shipping/Taxes/Totals. This parameter allows you to set up automatic recalculation of the order amount
  • Set payment method for the created order. When you enable this option you can choose in advance the method of payment for orders that have been created. You can create payment methods in the section “WooCommerce” – “Settings” — “Payments”
  • Switch customer during cart calculations (required by some pricing plugins). Some plugins use the data of the current registered user when creating an order. This parameter allows you to switch the current user to the user selected in the bucket
  • Google Maps API Key. This parameter allows you to link the display of the shipping address when placing an order

    How to get API key for address autocomplete

    1) Visit

    2) Create new project

    3) Open the “APIs” tab and enable following APIs

4) Click on any API, open the “Credentials” tab, create key and copy it

5) Go back to your site in the section “WooCommerce” – “Phone Orders” and open “Settings” – “Common”, paste key in the field and press “Check”.

  • Address Validation Service API Key (USPS Username). Setting this parameter allows you to use the tools of the “USPS” service
  • Don’t send order emails. This parameter disables automatic notifications to the site user (administrator) when working with orders