Rules List

The main tab of the ADP plugin is a Rule. There are next functionalities on Rule tab:

  • Adding new rule (how to add)
  • Bulk actions with the existing rules
  • Show active, inactive or all existing rules in the rules list
  • Search by all existing rules
  • Applying rules adjustment
  • Updating and recalculating cache for the on sale list, BOGO list and Product only rules;
  • Possibility to disable all rules which has a coupon
  • List of the rules

Active, inactive, all rules tabs

Switch to the tab

  • “All” to show all existing rules in the rules list;
  • “Active” to show only active rules in the rules list;
  • “Inactive” to show only inactive rules in the rules list.


NOTE: Check status of the rule near the rule name. If the switcher is turned on, the rule is active and the filtered products have a discount chosen by this rule. If it is turned off, the rule is inactive. No one product would be attached by inactive rule. If the rule name has a red highlight, you have unsaved changes.


Rules search

For searching a certain rule or product that has been attached by the rule, use our rules search.
Enter the name of the rule or a product you need to find, and only matched rules would be shown in the rules list.


Applying rules adjustment

Before considering applying rules adjustments, let’s get familiar with the work of the rules list.

Position of the rule in the list has the meaning because the higher the rule position is in the list, the higher the execution priority it has.

For example, there are 2 common rules for the product T-Shirt with 30% and 40% discount in that order. The 30% discount rule would be applied to the T-Shirt first. The 40% discount rule would be applied to the discounted price of the T-Shirt.

Look at the screenshot of debug bar:


Adjust rules applying logic.

Select value “Apply 1st matched rule” and the product would be attached by the first matched rule only. In our example, it means that the T-Shirt would have only a 30% discount.