Replace Templates in Theme

Replace themes for advertising section

Please, follow the next steps:

  • Go to YOUR SITE folder > wp-content > plugins > woocommerce-dynamic-pricing > Pro Version > templates > advertising > the needed template folder
  • Copy the needed template.
  • Go to your CHILD THEME.
  • Create the “advanced-dynamic-pricing-for-woocommerce” folder.
  • Go to the “advanced-dynamic-pricing-for-woocommerce” folder.
  • Create the “advertising” folder.
  • Paste the earlier copied file.
  • Change the template according to your achievements.

Replace themes for other cases

You need to copy required file from folder “BaseVersion/templates” to folder “YOUR_THEME/advanced-dynamic-pricing-for-woocommerce”.

List of templates you can replace

1) cart-totals.php – amount saved label at cart page

2) cart-totals-checkout.php – amount saved label at checkout page

3) mini-cart.php – amount saved label at mini-cart

Available variables for 1,2,3:

$title – amount saved label (string)

$amount_saved – amount saved (float)

4) bulk-table.php – discount range table

Available variables for 4:

$header_html – table title (string)

$table_header – list of the table columns (array)

$rows – list of the table rows (array)

$data_rows – list of the information about your bulk rule: bulk mode (qty, sum, weight),  bulk ranges with the type and discount amount (array)

$footer_html – table footer (string)


Replace “You saved – xxx” label (PRO)

Replace label “You saved – xxx” for the option Settings>Cart>Show “you saved – xxx” for each product in the cart (PRO):

  • Go to the Advanced Dynamic Pricing plugin folder of your site;
  • Go to the ProVersion/templates;
  • Copy the folder ‘item-amount-saved’ WITH the file ‘cart.php’ inside it;
  • Paste the ‘item-amount-saved’  folder to the ‘YOUR_THEME/advanced-dynamic-pricing-for-woocommerce’ folder;
  • Edit the template.

Available variables for this template:

$title – the label text  (string);
$amountSaved – the amount saved quantity (float).