Qty based on variation

This option is used for calculating the number of product variations.

For example, the product filter is 2 products in list Hoodie. Setting the parameters – ‘Bulk’, ‘Qty based on variation’, ‘Percentage discount’. Add a condition that the cart must contain from 2 to 4 products of the “Hoodie” parent. The discount will be 10 percent. Click “Save changes”.

Go to the cart.

So, the discount did not apply to the “Hoodie – Blue, Yes” product, since the product quantity is 1. The condition specifies that the number of items in a single product line must be from 2 to 4. Therefore, the discount only applies to the “Hoodie – Green, No” item.

Now let’s look at the situation if the rule filter specifies a simple product, for example, a belt.

Since the filter specifies a simple product, the discount will be applied to the “Belt” product, ignoring other products in the cart.