Qty based on selected products in all cart

This option allows you to calculate the discount for products in the filter based on the range of items in the selected product.

For example, let’s set the following conditions.

Filter by products – 2 products in list Hoodie. Setting the parameters – ‘Tier’, ‘Qty based on selected products in all cart’ – ‘Belt’, ‘Percentage discount’. Add a condition: if there is a product of the “Belt” type, starting from 2 to 4 items, the discount will be equal to 10%, if from 5 to 20%. Click “Save changes”.

Go to the cart.

So, there are 2 belts in the cart. The first belt in the cart does not match the condition, because the rule counts from 2 products of the “Belt” type. The second belt falls under the condition, and thus, the discount was applied to one bundle.