Product Filters

Select what to discount using product filter. Available filters:

    • Any products. Discount every product in the shop.
    • Products. Select certain products, typing a product name in the field.
    • Collections (PRO). Create a Product collection and discount it.
    • Categories. Select certain categories of the products, typing a category name in the field. Every product that have chosen category would be affected by the rule.
      Note: If product has 2 or more categories and there are some rules for each of it, discount would sum up.
    • Category slugs. Select a certain category slug, typing a slug in the field.
    • Attributes. Discount product with certain attribute, for example, only red products. Type the attribute name into the filter field.
    • Custom attributes. Discount product with custom attribute. Type the custom attribute name into the filter field.
    • Tags. Select a certain tag to discount that products. Type the tag name into the filter field.
    • SKUs. Select the SKUs of the products, typing it into the filter field.
    • Custom fields. Discount product with the certain custom field. Type the field name into the filter field.
    • Sellers. Discount products of the chosen sellers, typing the seller name into the field.

Product Bundle

Let’s consider what the product bundle is.
A product bundle is a set of the filtered products. For example, a set of 3 same products.
Create a rule:

That rule means: “Buy 3 sunglasses for 100”.

The 4th and 5th sunglasses wouldn’t be discounted.
Three sunglasses are a product bundle.

Look at the another one example.

Buy 2 red and 2 green products and get a 50% discount once.
Draw your attention to the option “Can be applied: once”. It means that customer can only buy 2 red and 2 green products with 50% discount, but no more.
Look at the cart. There are 2 full bundles, but discounted only one.

Note: creating a product bundle using 2 or more product filters, you may split a discount by each filter. Let’s change the last rule and split discount to the red product to 30%.

Look at the cart.

The bundle is the same, but the discount is different for red and green.

Exclude products field and adjustments

Exclude products that wouldn’t be discounted: enter the values into the field “Exclude products” or turn on one of the checkboxes:

      • Exclude products on sale. Exclude every product that already has a sale price.
      • Exclude products modified by other rules. If the product affected by another rule, it wouldn’t be discounted.
      • Exclude products on backorder (PRO). If the product is on backorder now, it wouldn’t be discounted.