Product Collections [pro]

Create a Product Collection – a set of the of the products sorted by the certain conditions.

Note: Product collection doesn’t change product price.

The main difference between product collection and product filter bundle is “AND” condition between products. Let’s consider the most common example: sorting of product belongs to some categories at the same time.

Suppose that product “Long Sleeve Tee” belongs both to T-Shirt and Hoodie categories and we want to discount only products that belong to the T-Shirt and Hoodie category at the same time.

It’s impossible to realize through the product filter section because it uses OR condition: all the T-Shirt and Hoodies would be affected by that rule:

Create a product collection:

And change the rule: choose “Collection” instead of “Categories” and fill in name of our new collection.

Now, only our product “Long Sleeve Tee” that belongs to both categories has a discount:

There is another one obvious use case for the Product collection. Let’s suppose that you need to filter the red products from the accessories. In analogy with the previous example, create the Product collection with the 2 filters: the first one – filter by category, the second one – filter by attribute. Look at the screenshot below:

Create your own product collection based on the one of the product feature and use it in your rules whenever you want:

    • Product property
    • Category
    • Category slug
    • Attributes
    • Custom attributes
    • Tags
    • SKUs
    • Custom field
    • Sellers

Let’s consider more detailed “Product property” parameter. This parameter has next product characteristics:

  • Width
  • Length
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Stock qty
  • Stock status

For example, add the filter like this:

Go to the “Rules” tab and add the new rule with new product collection with the fixed discount equals 10. Click “Save changes”.

Go to the cart.

There are three bundles with the product “Hoodie” in the cart, according to the condition.