Offer To Buy More [pro]

The “Offer To Buy More” section is a notification tool that informs customers about the ongoing discounts available on a particular product. It provides vital information to customers who are interested in obtaining the product at a lower price. This section displays the number of products left until the discount offer is closed. It helps customers to make informed decisions on whether to make a purchase immediately or to wait for other opportunities.

The “Offer To Buy More” section is a crucial element of online stores that seek to attract more customers by offering discounts on their products. It provides a sense of urgency to customers, encouraging them to take advantage of the discount offer while it lasts. This ultimately increases the chances of customers making a purchase, which is beneficial to both the online store and the customer.

This section consist 3 fields in the “Total” mode:

  • 1) Beginning of the message. Write some text in the field that will start your offer message.
  • 2) Offer message. This field supports some tags:
    • {{qty}} – shows how many products left until the whole bundle;
    • {{product}} – grab the value from the product filter;
    • {{discount}} – shows the discount amount without currency and percentage sign;
    • {{cart_condition}} – grab the cart condition value. Note: if you have more than 1 cart conditions, it grabs only the first condition value.
  • 3) End of the message. Write some text in the field that will end your offer message.

For example, you have a marketing campaign: “Buy 6 Caps and get a 10% discount”. Let’s create a rule for this case:

Then let’s adjust showing of the offer on the product page and near the cart item. Tick the corresponding checkboxes next to the “Pricing rules>Settings>Advertising>Show offer message”:

You can also customize the position of the offer message. Just click to the “Customize” link near the mentioned option:

When the rule with the offer message is adjusted, let’s add 1 cap to the cart to activate the “Offer To Buy More” message:

Then add another one cap:

When the customer will have the whole bundle of 6 caps in the cart, the offer message will disappear.

Let’s look another one example for the marketing campaign: “Buy 2 t-shirt and get an accessory with 50% discount”:

As you see, there is another one field in the section. Each “Offer message” fields correspond to the product filter: the first offer message field corresponds to the first product filter, the second message for the second filter and etc. It likes to the “Split” mode in the “Product discount” section.

Add one polo to the cart. You will the the offer message both for the t-shirt and for the accessories:

Note: use the “Offer To Buy More” section only for the rules with 2+ value of the product filter and only with the “Product Discount” section. For any difficult rules, please, use Advertising section.

This section is available from version 4.4.0.