Import Rules (CSV)

Import rules using CSV files since 4.1.0 version of our plugin.

How to use this tool:

Note: divider of the sample CSV file is “,” comma sign.

  • Fill in the next information:
    1. Filter type. What do you want to discount: certain product, category, or products by SKU. Supported values: Product, Category, Sku.
    2. Discount type. Choose the discount type: fixed discount, fixed cost or percentage discount. Supported values: FixedDiscount, FixedCost, Percentage.
    3. Fill in the Filter column by the product name, or categories or SKUs.
    4. Fill in the DiscountedPrice column by the discount value for every product.
    5. If you want to create a bulk rule, fill in the FromQty and ToQty columns for the corresponding product.
    6. Fill in the Role column for creating a Role discount. Note: if you fill in both FromQty, ToQty and Role columns you would create a Role bulk rule.
  • Save the CSV and import it to through the file picker.
  • Choose what the plugin should do with the other existing rules before import:
    • Delete rules before import
    • Update rules having same product filter, otherwise add new rule
    • Add new rules after existing.
  • Push the Import button.
  • Check out your imported rules on the Rules tab.