Free Products

The Free products tab has the settings related to adding free products in the cart. There are a lot of features available only in PRO version of our plugin, we marked it as (PRO).

  • Show message after adding free product. Create your own template for displaying message after adding free products.

  • Show message after adding auto added product (PRO). Create your own template for displaying message after auto adding the products in the cart.

  • Read-only quantity for free products (PRO). Create the rule:

    Go to the cart.

    Customer can’t change the quantity of the gifted products.

  • Convert free product discounts to coupon with fixed amount (PRO) and “Convert free product discounts” coupon name (PRO). The price of free products shows as a coupon with the given name.

  • Don’t show restore link (PRO).

  • Show notice if gift is out of stock (PRO). Create your own template of the notice about out of stock of the gifts.

  • Allow to choose hidden (PRO). Tick this option to show the hidden products in the gifts’ list.
  • Choose gift directly from the cart (PRO). Tick this option to allow the users choose the gifts directly from the cart.

Let’s create a test rule:

Give a gift from the Accessories category for each product in the cart. Let’s add a product to the cart and view it:

There are all available gifts before the cart totals block. Just click “Add to cart” near the necessary product, and it adds as a gift.

There is a opportunity to customize this block. Click the “Customize” link near the setting option and choose the rows and columns amount of the gift’s block and its position: below and above the cart totals.