Cart Conditions

Select a cart condition that would trigger a rule execution. Cart conditions executes only inside the cart and don’t affect the whole shop.

Look at the section.

1. Condition relationship.
Choose how to apply multiple cart condition: AND – sort the products that match to the every condition.
OR – sort the products that match at least to the one condition.

2.Condition drop-down.
Choose the cart condition you want to apply to the product.

Note: the cart condition with the * sign available only in PRO version.

The whole list of the cart conditions:

1) Cart group:

  • Subtotal (exc. VAT)

  • Coupons applied (PRO)

  • Currency (PRO)

  • Items count (PRO)

  • Cart payment method (PRO)

  • Subtotal (before Discount excl. VAT) (PRO) and Subtotal (before Discount inc. VAT) (PRO)

  • Subtotal (inc. VAT) (PRO)

  • Subtotal (skip onsale and discounted products, exc. VAT) (PRO) and Subtotal (skip onsale and discounted products, inc. VAT) (PRO)
  • Subtotal (skip onsale products and exc. VAT) (PRO)

  • Subtotal-coupon (inc. VAT) and Subtotal-coupon (excl. VAT) (PRO)

  • Was rule applied (PRO)

  • Total weight (PRO)

2) Customer group:

  • Is logged in

  • Order count

  • Role

  • Active subscriptions

  • Customer capability (PRO)

  • Customer geolocation country (PRO)

  • Customer geolocation state (PRO)

  • Customer first order (PRO)

  • Paid orders counter (PRO)

  • User (PRO)

  • Usermeta (PRO)

Examples of conditions:

3) Date & Time group:

  • Date

  • Days of week

  • Time

  • Date and Time (PRO)

4) Cart items group:

      • Product attributes
      • Product categories
      • Product category slug
      • Product custom attributes
      • Product custom fields
      • Product SKU
      • Product tags
      • Products
      • Product collection (PRO)
      • Product shipping class (PRO)
      • Products combination (PRO)

        Each of these cases (exclude Product combination) has additional parameters: Qty, Sum (PRO), Weight (PRO).

Examples of conditions are provided below.

5) Shipping group:

      • Country

      • Shipping method (PRO)

      • Postal code (PRO)

      • State (PRO)

      • Shipping zone (PRO)

6) Customer value group (PRO):

      • Average order amount (PRO)

      • Last order (PRO)

      • Last order amount (PRO)

      • Spent within (PRO)

      • Spent + subtotal (exc. VAT) (PRO)

      • Spent + subtotal (inc. VAT) (PRO)

Examples of conditions are provided below.

Custom condition

Need more conditions? Develop it by yourself! Feel free to read about creating custom condition by this link