Compatibility with themes

Some themes doesn’t support Woocommerce hooks, so you should add shortcodes [adp_category_bulk_rules_table] and [adp_product_bulk_rules_table] to necessary page templates (or directly to product description) OR you can submit new ticket to helpdesk.

If you use paid plugin/theme — please, upload it ( file) to the ticket!


If the percentage badge doesn’t display, you need to go to Appearance > Themes > Flatsome > Customize > WooCommerce > Product catalog and enable the “Enable % instead of “Sale!” parameter (at the bottom of the list).


If the “Update price when user changes qty” parameter doesn’t work in the Divi theme you need to use the following code:


Problem with the sale badge for the variable products in Kadense and Shoptimizer theme:

Sometimes the sale badge for the variable products doesn’t work and enabling the option “Pricing rules > Settings > Product price > Calculate “On Sale” badge for variable products doesn’t help, then add the code below into the functions.php of your theme or as a new snippet if you are using any code snippets plugin: