The Cart tab has the settings related to modifying price inside the cart. There are a lot of features available only in PRO version of our plugin, we marked it as (PRO).

  • Split same product if it has different costs (PRO).

  • Show striked prices in the cart

  • Show striked subtotal in cart totals

  • Amount saved. Display the saved money in the shopping cart, mini-cart and when checkout details an order.
    Click on “Customize”. Go to the “Cart” tab and click the “Enable” checkbox. And click “Publish”.

    Go to the “Mini Cart” tab and click the “Enable” checkbox. And click “Publish”.

    Go to the “Checkout” tab and click the “Enable” checkbox. And click “Publish”.

  • Update cross-sells in the cart (PRO). Update the price for products that depend on the qty of products in the cart. For example, add the cross-sell for the “Polo” :

    Create the rule:

    Go to the cart.

    Look at the price of the cross-sale product. It changed as for parent product.

  • Cart items sorting (PRO). Choose how to sort the products in the cart:

  • Convert product discounts to coupon with fixed amount and “Convert product discounts” coupon name (PRO). Add the sum of the discounts as a coupon with custom name.

  • Show “you saved – xxx” for each product in the cart (PRO). Display amount saved for each product in the cart.

  • Show text for zero priced items (PRO). Display inputted text for products which have zero price in the cart and in the mini-cart instead of zero.

  • Show striked price for free shipping methods (PRO). Strike price and show 0 value if there is a zero cost for the shipping methods. For example, there’s a rule with the Cart Adjustment “Set zero cost for all shipping methods”. If this option is enabled, the price of the non-free shipping method would be striked.