Set up fields to export

The “Set up fields to export” block allows you to configure any fields for export.

To add fields to the report, you need to drag & drop the required fields from the right block. All fields are divided into categories.

The difference between the “Product” category and the “Product order items” category is that the “Product” category fields refer directly to the product characteristics in WooCommerce, while the “Product order items” category fields refer to the characteristics of the order items.

You can create custom fields to display in the report. To do this, go to the desired category and click on the “Add field” button. You need to select the “Meta key” value, add the value to the “Column name” and “Field format” fields (string only for XLS), and press the “Confirm” button.

Or click on the “Add static field” button. Enter a value in the “Column name” field, you can fill in the “Value” field or leave it empty, select the value of the “Field format” field and click the “Confirm” button”.

To delete all selected fields, click the “Remove all fields” button.

To delete a single field, click the icon .

In this block, you can place the fields as convenient. For xml and json formats, you can group fields by products and coupons.