Misc settings

The “Misc settings” block includes the following settings:

We will consider some settings in more detail:

  • If you want to use number formatting in the report, then you need to check the box “Format numbers (use WC decimal separator)”. The value of the separator is specified in the module “WooCommerce” – “Settings” – “General”

  • If the customer returned the product and left a comment, then you can download it to the report by checking the “Export refund notes as Customer Note” parameter (do not forget to add the “Customer Note” field in the “Set up fields” block)
  • If you specified the product description in the form of html tags, and you do not want the tags to be displayed in the report, then check “Strip tags from Product Description/ Variation”

  • If you want to show the tax rate without decimals, you need to enable the “Item Tax Rate as an integer” parameter.
  • If you need to display the SQL query of the report and errors, then check the “Enable debug output” flag and click the “Preview” button. You will see the following:

  • If you want to export the orders of guests, you can use this option. Our plugin use the billing address for search the orders
  • The “Try to convert serialized values” option is used for convert serialized values from database. You can see an example below:

  • If you want to see all the error logs that occurred while working with the “WooCommerce” plugin, you need to go to the” WooCommerce ” – “Status” – “Logs” section and review last fatal-error-xx.logfile
  • If you want to create a report with arbitrary parameters, then use the “Custom PHP code” parameter. You can find options for using this parameter here: