Misc Settings

The “Misc settings” section has the following settings:

  • Format numbers (use WC decimal separator). Use number formatting of the report. The value of the separator is specified in the module “WooCommerce” – “Settings” – “General”

  • Export all orders notes. Turn on this checkbox for exporting orders notes.
  • Export refund notes as Customer Note. Turn on this checkbox, if the customer returned the product and left a comment.
    Note: don’t forget to add the “Customer Note” field in the “Set up fields” block.
  • Strip tags from Product Description/ Variation. Turn on this option, if you specified the product description using HTML tags, and you do not want the tags to be displayed in the report.

  • Item Tax Rate as an integer. Show the tax rate without decimals in your report.
  • Clean up phone. Displaying only digits of the phone numbers (without “+” and “-” signes, e.g.).
  • Shipping fields use billing details. Fill in the empty shipping address field by the address from the billing.
  • Try to convert serialized values. This option uses for converting serialized values from database. Look at the example below:

  • Enable debug output. Turn on this checkbox if you need to display the SQL query of the report and errors. For example:


Note: If you want to see all the error logs that occurred while working with the “WooCommerce” plugin, go to the” WooCommerce ” – “Status” – “Logs” section and review last fatal-error-xx.logfile.

  • Custom PHP code. Create a report with arbitrary parameters. Check the options for using this parameter here: