Export Filename

Change the report filename with the “Export filename” section.

Make a filename more detailed using available tags:

  • Tags for specifying date and time:
    %d – current day;
    %m – current month;
    %y – current year;
    %h – current hour;
    %i  – current minute;
    %s – current second;
    {from_date} and {to_date} – values of the Date Range fields.

  • Tags for specifying the order id:
    %order_id or %orderid or %id – the last order ID in the report;
    Note: To download a report with these tags, click “Export [w/o progressbar]”

  • Tag for specifying the order number: {order_number}.
    Note: To download a report using this tag, click “Export [w/o progressbar]”