Open a job (status change or scheduled) and mark checkbox “Log results”. Wait till jobs run. Open the job again,  click link “View results” and select  “woocommerce-order-export-xxxxx” in dropdown.

How to run a specific scheduled task directly from a URL?

1. Edit job and set empty schedule.
You must look at the url and remember id!

2. You should open tab “Settings”, open “Jobs”, click “Generate new key” and click “Save”.

You should open tab “Settings”,  open “Jobs” (again!) and copy key only

3. Modify this url.


{} – is your website url

{job_id} – you get this ID at step #1

{key} – you get this key at step #3

If you use HTTPS, replace http with https too!

Final result must looks like

4. Test it, open this url in browser, you should get message

Scheduled job #XXX. Result: …..

You can use this url in external scripts OR call it (for example) via curl/wget.