Problems with exported files

I use load balancer and can’t export

The plugin creates temporary file during in “progressbar” mode. But load balancer run the export on different instances ( for each step in progress). So the plugin can’t find this file on local server.

Click on the “Export w/o progessbar” button for normal operation.

I got message “Can’t create temporary file”

1.  Сheck if your server has free disk space

2.  Сheck if webserver has correct permissions and can write into the folder /tmp

I export CSV and see only commas in generated file

Open section “CSV” and check field “Character encoding”. Set “UTF-8” and check if you will get nonempty columns.

I can’t export Excel file (blank message or error 500)

Increase “memory_limit” upto 256M or ask hosting support to do it.

The plugin produces unreadable Excel file

The theme or another plugin outputs some lines. Usually, there are extra empty lines at the end of functions.php (in active theme).

Where does free version save files?

Free version doesn’t save generated file on your webserver, you can only download it using browser.