Export any custom field assigned to orders/products/coupons is easy and you can select from various formats to export the data in such as CSV, XLS, XML and JSON.


  • select the fields to export
  • rename labels
  • reorder columns
  • export WooCommerce custom fields or terms for products/orders
  • mark your WooCommerce orders and run “Export as…” a bulk operation
  • apply powerful filters and much more

Export includes:

  • order data
  • summary order details (# of items, discounts, taxes etc…)
  • customer details (both shipping and billing)
  • product attributes
  • coupon details
  • XLS, CSV, TSV, PDF, HTML, XML and JSON formats

Use this plugin to export orders for:

  • sending order data to 3rd part drop shippers
  • updating your accounting system
  • analysing your order data

The plugin has two versions:

  • Free
  • PRO


Multiple profiles

Allows you to export selected orders via “Bulk Actions” in >Woocommerce>Orders.

Rules to export single order  after status change

Use them if you have to export new/modified order immediately.

Scheduled exports

See detailed features below.

Flexible schedules

Simple weekdays mode.

Complex weekdays mode.

Send results to multiple destinations at once

We support: email, ftp, sftp, http url (web hook), folder on YOUR webserver (not to local Mac or Windows!) OR Zapier (upload to Google Drive/Dropbox/other storages/CRMs). Custom destinations can be coded too (for extra fee).

Support different date ranges  and  date types

Follow this article  and replace WordPress cron with real cron  if you’re going to use Scheduled Jobs.