Other issues

I can’t filter orders by fields created by Advanced Custom Fields plugin

This plugin adds TWO fields for each order.  Please, don’t export first field which has prefix  “_”. If you use wrong field , you will export values “field_XXXX”.

Red text flashes at bottom during page loading

It’s a normal situation. The plugin hides this warning on successful load.

I don’t see “Export orders” in menu “Woocommerce” after installing the plugin

1st solution. The plugin requires  capability “view_woocommerce_reports” . Please, check permissions for current user.

2st solution. If you use plugin “Client Dash”  – please,  do following steps

  • Visit “Client Dash” – “Customize Admin”
  • Click button “Menu”
  • Edit  menu “Woocommerce”
  • Click button “Submenu”
  • Click “+Add Items”
  • Click “+” next to “Export Orders”
  • Press button “Save” at top

Grey textarea for custom code in section “Misc Settings”

Some security plugins can disable capability “edit_theme” for admin user. For iThemes Security  – do following steps:1. Go to Security – Settings from your Dashboard sidebar.2. Go to WordPress Tweaks.3. Uncheck Disable File Editor.

4. Click the Save Settings button.

OR you can put following code to functions.php

Can I request any new feature?

Yes, you can email a request to