Status change jobs

The “Status change jobs” tab allows you to automatically export orders, if their status has changed, to the specified destination.

You can add a job in two ways:

1) Copy the profile from the “Profiles” tab using the “Copy to a Status change jobs” button

You will see a message with the following content.

Click “OK”.

2) On the “Status change jobs” tab, click the “Add job” button”.

In both cases, the following window opens with the settings.

You can see the main elements of the interface of the “Status change jobs” tab here.

Below we will look at the unique functionality of the “Status change jobs” tab.

You need to fill in the “Title” field.

In order for the report to be automatically downloaded when the order status changes, you need to fill in the “From status” and “To status” fields. If you do not fill in the values of these fields, the report will be downloaded whenever the status of orders configured for export changes.

If, for example, you specify the value “Processing” in the “From status” field, and leave the “To status” field empty. Orders that have changed their status from “In processing” to any other will be downloaded. And if you specify the value “Completed” in the “To status” field, all orders that have the status changed from “Processing” to “Completed” will be downloaded. The “From status “and “To status” fields are multiple.

If you want to display logs of sent reports in the “WooCommerce” – “Status” – “Logs” section, select the “Log results” option.

You can see the description of the “Destination” block here.