Scheduled jobs

The “Scheduled jobs” tab allows you to set up a schedule for exporting reports.

You can add a job in two ways:

1) Copy the profile from the “Profiles” tab using the “Copy to a Scheduled jobs” button

You will see a message with the following content. Click “OK”.

2) On the “Scheduled jobs” tab, click the “Add job” button.

In both cases, the following window opens with the settings.

You can see the main elements of the interface of the “Scheduled jobs” tab here.

Below we will look at the unique functionality of the “Scheduled jobs jobs” tab.

You need to fill in the “Title” field.

If there were no changes in orders at the specified time of sending, you can check the option “Don’t send empty file”.

You can see the description of the “Destination” block here.

After saving all the settings, the schedule looks like this.