Let’s look at some settings in more detail:

  • Show first products in autocomplete. In the “Filter by products” filter, the “Products” field will show as many values of this product as you specify in the setting

  • AJAX progressbar exports orders per step. This option allows you to adjust the number of orders downloaded per export request

  • Date range for “Export Now”. This option allows you to set the default range of report download dates on the “Export now” tab. Select a value from the drop-down list and click “Save settings”. For example, I chose the value “Last month”. Now go to the “Export now” tab in the “Date range” block. The date range value is set by default for the last month.

  • Show all products/categories in filters. This option allows you to display full list of products and categories in the filter by products.
  • Apply filters to export via bulk action.