Adding a “Zapier” account

Below is the procedure for linking the Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce account to the “Zapier” service:

1) Create a new job (scheduled OR status change), select output mode at tab “Zapier”, I marked the parameter “As multiple entries (repeated for each item)”. And press “Save Settings”.

2) To create a free account, follow the link.

3) You can log in via Google/Facebook services or enter another email address, add last name and first name, and click the “Get started free” button.

4) Next, you need to enter your password and click the “Sign up” button.

5) After that, follow the link.

6) You will see the following window. Click the “Accept Invite & Build a Zap” button.

Click “Make Zap”, type “Adv” , select our app and select trigger event “New Export”

7) Now you need to click “Continue”

and “Sign in to Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce”.

8) You will see a pop-up window with the following settings.

9) Go to your website in the section “WooCommerce” – “Export orders” – “Settings” – “Zapier” ,  click “Generate new key” and click “Save Settings”.

10) Now enter the address of your website and the API Key that you just generated. Click “Yes, Continue”.

11) Great! You have linked the Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce account to the zapier service. Click the “Continue” button.

12) Select the job you created in the first step and click “Continue”.

13) You will see the following message. Click the “Test & Continue” button.

14) All binding steps were completed successfully. Click on the “Done Editing” button.

15) Now you can click on ” + ” and add the service with which you want to sync the zapier service.

I chose the Google Docs app. Selected action. I chose the “Upload Document”. Click “Continue”.

16) Select an account to log in to the service. In my case, Google.

17) Enter the necessary settings for the document and click “Continue”.

18) To test the connection, click the “Test & Continue” button.

19) All options are successfully configured. Click the “Done Editing” button.

20) Excellent! Now you can automatically download reports to the Zapier service via the Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce plugin. Don’t forget to activate your Zap with Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce using the “On/Off” toggle.

21) After making all the settings, go back to your site. The status of connecting your work to export via the Zapier service has changed!

Also, you can see step-by-step instructions for adding a “Zap with Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce” account for the “Dropbox” service” at this link.