The tab has the following new settings:

1) Rules:

  • Show product title in SKU autocomplete – use this option if you have a lot of similar SKUs and it confuses you
  • Show quantity range in product filters – free version supports only exact numbers
  • Allow to set price priority in product filters – this option allows to create bundle of “Expensive product at full price + 50% off for cheap product”

2) Category page:

  • Don’t modify product prices on category/tag page – product prices stay unmodified
  • Show striked prices on category/tag page – show original price for modified products

3) Product page:

  • Show striked prices on product page – show original price for modified product
  • Update price when user changes qty – when change the qty show discount of the product or a new price
  • Replace variable price – replaces price range with cost of selected variation

4) Product price:

  • Replace the price with the lowest price of variations – works only for variable products
  • Displayed product price ignores the cart – we add the product to current cart to get new price. We use empty cart – if this option is on

5) Cart:

  • Update cross-sells in the cart – update the price for products that depend on the qty of products in the cart
  • Cart items sorting – you can move free products to bottom or use other modes
  • Convert product discounts to coupon with fixed amount – products will use original prices, but discount will be added as coupon
  • Read-only quantity for free products – customer can’t modify qty for automatically added free products
  • Convert free product discounts to coupon with fixed amount – free products will be added at full cost, but discount will be added as coupon

6) Coupons

  • Apply external coupons only to unmodified products – it doesn’t disable coupons, but limits its scope

7) Calculation:

  • Calculate “On Sale” badge for variable products – this option requires extra calculations, so it’s off by default
  • Shipping discount is – what to do if we have many shipping discounts
  • Apply discounts to original price – useful for %% discounts. If many rules modify product price, each rule will use original price

8) Order:

  • Show striked prices in the order details and emails – show original prices at thank you page and in the emails
  • Amount saved – use Customizer to define layout for thank you page and emails