The “Rules” tab allows you to create and manage pricing rules. To create a rule, click the “Add rule” button.

The following window appears.

The block for adding a new rule consists of the following blocks:

1. The “Basic settings” section

Let’s look at the settings in more detail:

  • Select the type of the rule – Common or Product only.
  • Enter the rule title in the “Title” field
  • To set the maximum number of generated bundles, set the desired value in the “Can be applied” selection list
  • A bundle is the sum of filters. If the bundle is not typed, the condition will not be applied. You can find a description of the package term here
  • To set which products to apply the pricing rule first, select the value in the “Apply at first to” selection list
  • To activate a rule, click the corresponding switch

You can add the rule on the product page. For this, go to the product list – Edit product – Pricing rules – Add rule for the product. You can look some samples here.

2. The “Advanced settings” section

The section consists of the following settings:

Let’s look some settings separately.